Art at the Fox

The Fox and Fable hosts art exhibitions by local artists.  Each month new work is displayed and the artist has the opportunity to host an artist meet and greet with the public.  To apply to display your work and for more information select the 'apply' button below.  For Artist Exhibitions and Meet and Greet dates please check this page as it updates throughout the year.  Events will also be shared on the Fox and Fable's Facebook page.

Exhibition Schedule 2022 


Kim Fletcher and Laken Biletski - February 17th 7pm (Meet and Greet)


Laeta Morskate - March 3rd 7pm (Meet and Greet)


Rhonda Johnson and Nora Sheedy - April 8th 7pm (Meet and Greet)

Kim Fletcher

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Laken Biletski