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Used Books


how it works

Donate your books to our used book section, and get credit towards buying other used books!

Or bring us your books for free too, but we will be selective as to what we accept.

donation guidelines


  • For newish books in good shape, credit provided will generally be 1/4 of the retail price, depending on genre and "sellability".

  • For older books or those without a retail price (or in poor shape), credit will be determined by the Fox & Fable (Richard).

  • Fox & Fable reserves the right to refuse any book donation and set its own valuation amounts.


Note: Credit can only be used to buy other used books, not new merchandise, food or drink​


  • We love most fiction & non-fiction, from most genres and ages.

  • Books you want credit for will be scrutinized more than those you wish to donate for free.

  • Sorry, we do not want your 1980s World Book Encyclopedias, even for free. No encyclopedias unless they are older than 1940.

  • No magazines (including National Geographic), but comic books are good!

  • No textbooks (unless they are of historical interest). They do not age well. Exceptions might be made for language textbooks and other areas of non-time-sensitive general interest. 

  • No pornography (and please, no really sketchy romance novels).

  • Though we would like to be, we are not book collectors. We have no budget to get into buying and selling rare books (though if you're into that, we'd love to meet you!)

  • Remember, if we don't accept a donation you can always drop them at the ReStore or CentraCam.

If you have any questions, please contact us or talk to us in store.

We love books, and we're glad you do too!

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